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How This Session Can Help to Solve Your Problems?

It can be summerrised into three parts. This session will help you:

In this session, we'll find out, whether your ad is healthy or otherwise, or wether we need to re-targeting or elsewhere. If there's a will, there will be a way.

After knowing the problem, we will start to conduct on your goals & target. Example: If you want to sell RM1,000,000 a month, is it a realistic target that you want to achieve? If YES, how can you achieve it? We will share the formula, & guide you with the process.

After we know about the KPI's, we need to measure, and how to achieve the target. We will strategies all the necessaries to achieve those KPI's.

What Are The Topics That We Will Cover

What Do You Get From This?

This is how we are going to boost your business using FB & IG Ads

3 Hours Class Session
Advertising Reviews & Strategies
Include Practical Session with Your Personal Coach
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