Facebook & Instagram Ads

Thanks to Facebook & Instagram, most businesses embrace the world's most famous social media platform to attract customers and build a well-known brand.

"But are you doing it the right way?"

"Does your business use Facebook & Instagram for advertising?"

"Need better understanding about the Facebook's constant-changing Ads algorithm?"

That's why Accurate Digital will take care in setting up and optimising your ads campaign, and rest assured that your ads is manage by experts.

Facebook Ads

What You Need To Know

Facebook marketing is when brands communicate their products and services to Facebook users, either through a Facebook Page or targeted ads that we all see on the Facebook feed.
Facebook Ads target people on the platform based on their geographic location, interests, demographics and buying habits. These will be on a video we watch or on the feed.
Yes, Facebook ads do work. As a marketing channel, it is an excellent and cost-effective way to reach potential customers and communicate products or services to intent buyers.
Yes, you can, but we recommend using Primal, so your Facebook Ads campaign is done perfectly, by ensuring that you have the right audience and your strategy is executed properly.
You can manage your ads through Facebook Business Manager which allows for a wide variety of customisations on your ads such and preferred audience, interest and age, etc.

You can use the Facebook Business Manager by heading over to business.facebook.com, but we recommend that use Accurate Digital as your preferred agency to get the most of Facebook ads management.

Instagram Ads

What You Need To Know

Instagram allows brands to post advertisements across Stories and the Feed. Through videos, images, text and links, businesses can reach a highly targeted audience and convert more customers.
Instagram utilises data from a variety of sources. Ads are typically served based on what users follow and the things they like, alongside Facebook data and other websites they visit.
The cost of Instagram ads ranges considerably depending on your business goals. According to your industry, chosen demographics and time of year, the cost of your campaign can change significantly.
Instagram Stories provide an engaging way to deliver photos and videos of less than 15 seconds. These short pieces of content are visible to your followers for 24 hours.
Instagram ads are organised through Facebook Business Manager, but otherwise the marketing material you use is likely going to be vastly different. Instagram campaigns should always be highly visual.

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